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Jomshoppy Unique Introduction

Jomshoppy is a Malaysia unique online shopping platform, a unique platform with a reward program.

For a a limited period, New registration will get an automatic RM2 introduction reward which can be use to purchase any product sell by vendor’s on Jomshoppy. Every time user top up Jomwallet with Jomshoppy through Bank wire Transfer, a reward equivalent to 2% of your top up amount will be credit to your account.  Provided always that a customer is subject to a maximum of RM2 reward per day for every top up that customer made.

Customer or buyer can use their fund in the jomwallet to purchase any item listed for sale on Jomshoppy. Customer may request their jomwallet to be transfer to any bank account within Malaysia any time if they no longer interested to made any purchase on Jomshoppy. Provided always that the withdrawal can only be made after their first purchase. In the event that no purchase is made the customer may request to terminate their account with us, we will refund the amount paid after deduction of our service fees. NOTE: Jomwallet balance will never expired.

Every purchase made with Jomshoppy we will credit 2% of the purchase price as cashback. cashback reward will never expired and you may use it to purchase any product on Jomshoppy.

Seller are warmly welcome to list their product with us. Provided you will not sell prohibited item by the malaysian law. Please register as seller using our registration form to start selling with Jomshoppy. Sellers are remind to act promptly when the buyer made the purchase.

Seller may request to withdraw their money any time provided the item is delivered to the Buyer. Buyer have the option to confirm received the item from Seller or not. In the event Buyer did not received their purchase We will refund the money to the Buyer jomwallet. Visit our knowledgebase for more detail.

At Jomshoppy we try to make thing easy and we do sell variety of product at an affordable price. Join our newsletter to receive discount voucher. Visit our shop and Jom Shopping

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