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American ginseng an Energetic formula to defeat exhaustion and prepare you for a full day challenge!

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What is American Ginseng Tablet?

American Ginseng Tablet is an energetic formula which contains 500mg of American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) in each tablet. American ginseng is generally considered as a tonic and adaptogen that enhances physical performance, promote vitality, relieve fatigue and support healthy aging. Regular intake can help to improve overall physical strength.

Various kinds of life pressure are draining our energy, causing our body can’t hold back anymore! To defeat the exhaustion, you can consume American Ginseng Tablet in order to prepare you for a full day challenge!

The essence of American Ginseng comes from its active ingredient, ginsenosides. Ginsenosides not only can be used as medicinal substance but also possess health care effect.

As an adaptogenic formula, American Ginseng helps to improve energy in healthy individuals. It is suitable for workers who often need to work overtime, entrepreneurs, students, working mothers that need to take care of both work and family, and retirees who want to travel around the world.

Wellous’s crushed American Ginseng through ultrafine pulverization technology (in a supersonic flow under low temperature) to make it into tablet type, so that it can be consumed easily. The use of ultrafine pulverization technology can help to maximize the retention of ginseng active ingredients, in order to improve the utilization of ingredients and reduce the waste of raw materials. Furthermore, only American ginseng aged 5 years and above is used in the product, to ensure it achieve optimum ginsenoside content.

Our American Ginseng

Well Made and Excellent Quality

  • American Ginseng aged 5 years or above
  • Large in size, dark colour with wrinkles
  • Professionals trim and remove unwanted American Ginseng branches
  • Only retain the precious stem of American Ginseng as raw material

Small in Size and Better Absorption

  • Uses Ultrafine Pulverization Technology
  • Low temperature, ultrasonic airflow crushing
  • Extensive retention of active ingredients in American Ginseng
  • Improves absorption and solubility, to enhance body absorption rates

Chewable, Simple and Easy

  • Tablet type, break through the traditional consumption method
  • No need to grind, no need to brew
  • Ready to eat, easy to swallow
  • Chew the essence directly, no wasting

Perfect Environment and Zero Pollution

  • Uses American Ginseng from Wisconsin
  • Treasure land of plantation
  • Climate, temperature and humidity meet plantation requirements
  • Pure air and soil, no industrial pollution within hundreds of miles

Benefits of Wellous American Ginseng Tablet

  • Focus better, Boost concentration
  • Protects vessels and heart
  • Boost memory, memorise easily
  • Ditch fatigue, be vital
  • Nourishing lungs, eliminate heatiness

How To Use

1-2 tablets, 3-4 times per day

Serving Per Package1 bottle = 60 tablets.
Good for 1 month serving.

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